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Chapter 14
Of Virgin Birth
Eso A.B.

Everyone knows that the neo-Christian Church claims Jesus to have been born of a virgin. This was obviously not the case of Stalin, though I have argued that Stalin was profoundly influenced by Catholic theology, even if it came to him by the Georgian Orthodox Church and he later professed to be an atheist.

The trouble with being an ‘atheist’ is that you may declare yourself to be a carrot in a soup of potatoes all you wish, but if the soup is made mostly of potatoes, you will not escape being of the same soup; when on the spoon, you will still smell like a potato. The same goes for Stalin. He may declare himself ‘red’, but this does not make him any less black than the black, which is the chief color of the Catholic West.

I have also argued (see Introduction blog) that neo-Christianity is story that is a False Flag, and  was invented to replace another story, which is the story of “Basil The Bogomil” or The King who Loves God. To claim to be an atheist and not know that you are claiming yourself to be an atheist within the soup of a deliberately falsified story, will not make you an ‘atheist’, because the story that you object to will eventually be objected to by everyone who learns the truth about it. At best, an ‘atheist’ imbedded within a neo-Christian God will have to project him- herself as an atheist who is an atheist squared and looks like a centaur .

In fact, Stalin was a Russian Orthodox+Catholic-neo-Christian from the day his mother went to live with Father Charkviani, who—so it was rumored—may have slept with Keke, which is how Stalin may have been conceived. Stalin’s mother hoped her son would become a bishop. While few people give the rumor credibility, the fact is that genetic tests could yet prove the rumor to be accurate. It would be worth doing a genetic comparison of the genes of Stalin and Father Charkviani—if the latter’s gravesite is known. I would place my bets on matching genes, though this will not disprove the fact that Stalin was born into the Christian epoch and that Georgia’s psychic space was saturated with it.

Therefore, Stalin is, above all, the son of his mother. Though everyone knows what parthenogenesis means , everyone also knows that such a birth does not among humans unless in the yellow press. This does not mean that the thought did not enter the mind of Stalin, because the question of who his father was must have presented itself to him. When it did, it also met with neo-Christian mythology, where the birth of Jesus is presented as a miraculous occurrence. Given Stalin’s phenomenal rise to power and the precedent of the Mexican Revolution (1910), Stalin may in his fantasy have compared his Georgian mother with the Aztec Goddess of Earth, Coatlicue, who gave birth to Huitzilopochtli, the founder of the Aztec people. As the Aztec myth tells it, Huitzilopochtli was born of the union of Earth-mountain and sky-Feather. Given that the Earth husband of Stalin’s mother was an incorrigible and violent alcoholic and may have beat his wife during the time she carried her son, Stalin may have (now that we now know that a fetus can hear and respond to music played by the mother) sworn to revenge himself on the world he was destined to be born into even while still in the womb.

Of course, I realize that many readers think that my use of pareidolian associations to discover new links within old stories is nothing but “wild”. Be that as it may, when I viewed the following video (start at 44 min), I found that while looking for material that would link Stalin to Mexican creation myth (I believed that the link could have something to do with the assassination of Trotsky in Mexico City) involving ‘virgin birth’*, I would discover a link seemingly even more far fetched than what I was looking for . Start to listen at 42 min, until you hear the story of the Eitingons.

Last, but not least “wild”, is a link of ‘virgin birth’ to the male penis.

Though ‘virgin birth’ is associated with parthenogenesis taking place within the body of woman, it is no less closely associated—in ancient culture--with that of the male penis, especially in the mythology of the Sumerians and Egyptians. An Egyptian myth tells how a jealous brother of the Gods, Seth, killed and then dismembered the body of his brother Osiris into fourteen parts, which he scattered throughout Egypt. Osiris’ sister and wife Isis found all the parts, but the penis. Isis then reconstructed the body of Osiris and turned herself into a she-hawk. The hawk hovered over the crotch of Osiris and fanned its wings, until the penis magically reappeared, growing out of the crotch as a mushroom from under some moss. One may certainly imagine that this rebirth of the penis constitutes a ‘virgin birth’. Another brother of the Gods, Horus, later revenged Osiris’ murder by cutting off the penis of Seth. According to Plutarch, there used to be in Koptos, Egypt, a statue showing Horus* holding up in his raised hand the penis of Seth—much like the statue of Liberty in New York holds a torch. Taking away ‘virgin birth’ from enemies by cutting off their penises became a traditional way for Egyptians to gather war trophies. In one instance, hieroglyphs at Karnak report a battle in which the Egyptians killed 6111 Greeks and 6359 Lybians, and thereafter presented the pharaoh (and the Egyptian government) with more than 12,470 penises.**

* David Carrasco, “City of Sacrifice”, Beacon Press, pp. 60-63.
**Horus may be the Egyptian way of saying "Yonus"; where the 'Ho'=Yo, and 'r'=n.
***The information on Egyptian myths from David Friedman’s book “A Mind of Its Own” . If one reviewer calls the book “embarrassingly europhallocentric”, Friedman corrects with a story about President Johnson unbuttoning his fly and pulling out his penis before a reporters who were pestering him over why the Vietnam War was not coming to a close. Apparently this was the US President’s way to remind the world of the immortality of US commitment to war.

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