Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 15
Eso A.B.

The slam-dunk or two against the psychologist and philosopher Slavoy ŽiŽek, that appear in these blogs, is over his failure to recognize that the greatest of problems for ‘knowledge’ in our time is not due to an inability to think, but due to the failure of the knowledgeable to recognize the most important false flag operation ever: the mistaking of neo-Christianity for the real thing. Thus, while Žižek acknowledges Christianity as “rearticulating… a series of crucial motifs and aspirations of the oppressed”*, he fails to discover in the continued existence of the neo-Christian institution the hidden (because spiritual) poison of capitalism.

The failure to link Christianity with the rise of capitalism irradiates every Westerner, this blogger including, with tuberculosis like bacillus that makes one ever more tired, helpless, and brings one and the environment in which one lives ever closer to death.

While one may ignore the history that a ‘rearticulated’ and retold story puts on the table for reconsideration, failure to give credibility reconsider it makes every oligarch a saint and the remnant of Earth one of the ten legendary lepers whom only a lie can heal .

I came to recognize the story of Christianity in the West as a false flag not due to any special insight on my part, but thanks to the same Slavoy ŽiŽek and Anatoly Fomenko, the latter of who the History Channel seeks to discredit for implicitly turning its thoughtless versions of history on video into serious farces. Each of the men, in their own way, has enabled my skepticism to become ever more certain that our ‘history’ is the story of a road to hell.

It is interesting that at a time when Stalinism is fading from living memory, I—a victim of it—should reawaken to it. Seventy-two years after the fact, I am forced by the turn of the screw of geopolitics to think the matter through again. Perhaps if the mass deportation had caught up with us (if we had lived to the collection centre), and my siblings and myself had died (our father was not so fortunate and was killed), but the Soviet Union had survived and not been sabotaged by the military-industrial complex of the West—perhaps our death had not been in vain and Bolshevism and Stalinism was the antidote needed—had Stalin not spat into the bloody stew he had cooked.

This is where Žižek’s analysis becomes important. He writes**: “In Lacanian theory, the Real has two principal sides, One is the Real as a remainder that is impossible to symbolize, a scrap, a refuse of the symbolic, a hole in the Other…; the other is the Real as writing, construct, number and matheme. These two sides perfectly correspond to the opposition fascism/Stalinism. The hypnotic power of Fascist discourse is supported by the ‘gaze’… of the leader. The support of Stalinist discourse is, in turn, the writing. Which writing? .… The impossible Real is the institution of the ‘classics of Marxism-Leninism’ as the sacred Text….”

What ‘sacred text’?

My ‘complaint’ with Lenin. Stalin, and Žižek is not that they are ready to kill me (even though, I pale before the thought), but that they fail to make the Text ‘sacred’ by bloodying it with their blood and paling their lives and faces before it. I say this as a ‘survivor’ both of Bolshevism and Christianity, the latter which now brings not only the West, but the entire planet to its knees.

We know that Lenin when paralyzed by a stroke wished to take his life, and asked Stalin to help him, but Stalin referred the request to the bureaucracy of the Politburo, which refused to grant permission. The failure of Stalin and the Politburo to sacralize the Bolshevik Revolution is, therefore, the reason the Revolution died not only for choking thought and preventing it from coming to a conclusion, but for thoughts put to death by lack of determination to tear the curtain and reveal the ‘False Flag’ protected and carried by none other than the bureaucracy itself. Stalin, the individual, failed Lenin and the Revolution by turning cowardly and replacing himself with a bureaucracy.

As for Žižek, he manages to defend Lenin, Stalin, and himself with the meta-thought that I should trust their judgment. To wit: “The so-called ruling bureaucracy [of Really Existing Socialism] is not just the new class; it comes to stand in place of the ruling class.”**

Indeed; such rubbish creates but another academic born by means of the autosexual verbal method, being educated in a Politburo school to become a ruling bureaucrat, and as such ‘a New Man’ given license to sign from behind a University desk death sentences at will, and with no more responsibility over my or your Extinction than "the Federal Republic of Germany [which today continues to be] a neo-Nazi State, the direct heir of Nazism..."****. Unfortunately, liberalism cannot escape being liberalism, just because Žižek squares it or because the German State (with American complicity) fudges the nature of its ideology by continuing to pay the State of Israel Holocaust reparations that serve to repress the Palestinians et al.

* Slavoy Žižek, “The Universal Exception”, Continuum, p 81.
** Ibid., p 85.
*** For Žižek, the ‘anti-Semite’ stands for anti- Gypsy, Jew, Slav, Muslim, Black, etc. Žižek writes (Ibid., p 79): “[The] fundamental mechanism of self-criticism is unthinkable in fascism.” Apparently Žizek wants his readers to fail to see that he wishes to free the Bolshevik-Stalinist from the necessity of exercising such self-criticism as necessitates self-sacrifice as a Really Existing Act within a Bolshevik ruling body. I fail to see how his position differs from the Roman Catholic one, or from that of any modern government, or that his ‘writing’ fundamentally presents a story different from that of the ‘false flag’ story about world famed Jesus Christ.
**** Ibid. p. 143.

Because my way of 'thinking' is like a Tibetan twirling a prayer wheel, it stops only when another prayer presents another need. Therefore, these series of blogs at “jesusthebogomil” may yet discover some continuation on another blog site, re: , beginning with blog 141 ff. May we meet again there!